A simple way to
better control

your diabetes.

An iPro®2 professional continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) evaluation will record your glucose levels and will give your healthcare provider insights into how your diet, medication, and daily activities really affect your glucose levels.

iPro®2 professional CGM evaluation is a small, lightweight and watertight continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device that takes a glucose reading every five minutes.

Wear it for a few days for a more complete picture of your glucose levels.

  • Get set up in minutes
  • Go about your everyday life while wearing it
  • Receive a personalized report showing cause and effect

Do you ever wonder…

  • “Why doesn’t my A1C change when I’m eating healthier?”
  • “Are my medications working?”
  • “My glucose readings are better, but my A1C hasn’t changed. Why?”

iPro®2 professional CGM evaluation
can help provide answers.


For J.D., A1C was just a number. The iPro®2 professional CGM evaluation report made it real.

J.D. was put on an iPro®2 professional CGM evaluation to evaluate his glucose variability. Based on the results of his evaluation his doctor prescribed a long-acting insulin.

J.D. had always been told he had pre-diabetes. “As a busy police officer,” he said, “it’s just easier to eat fast food. I don’t know when the next meal will be.”

Once he and his doctor reviewed his iPro®2 professional CGM evaluation, J.D. quickly saw how high his sensor glucose really was and he decided to make some changes.


About three months later his doctor put him on iPro®2 professional CGM evaluation for a follow-up evaluation.

Since J.D. had cut back on second servings and pretty much stopped eating fast food, they saw a real improvement in his glucose variability.

His doctor was able to discontinue his insulin and J.D. no longer takes oral medications for his diabetes.

Just a Few Days to
a Healthier You.

Get a more complete picture

An iPro®2 professional CGM evaluation helps you learn what works for you so that you can better control your diabetes.

  • Learn how meals, daily activity and sleep can change your glucose levels
  • Get on the same page with your doctor regarding your diabetes management

Gain insights into spending more time within range

Therapy adjustments made with CGM data have been proven to:

  • Reduce the frequency and duration of highs and lows1,2
  • Reduce A1C levels, which can lead to reduced risk of complications3,4


Introducing the iPro2 professional CGM evaluation myLog app – now with FoodPrint. An easy way to better understand how the foods you enjoy play a role in how your body’s glucose levels fluctuate.

  • See how your daily routine affects your glucose levels
  • View grades for each meal to assess how well you eat
  • Get tips on which food options are ideal substitutes for your body
  • Use the FoodPrint report with your doctor to understand how to improve your lifestyle

Medtronic strives to create products and tools to further help patients manage their diabetes. The iPro2 myLog app with FoodPrint is the first of it’s kind to incorporate a grading system for food based on your body’s glucose reaction. This tool will help you to become smarter about the food choices you make, and hopefully healthier and better at managing your diabetes!


Ask for your iPro2 professional CGM evaluation and FoodPrint report today!